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Lancaster, Ohio

ABC Improvements Ohio is committed to providing the highest quality roofing in Central Ohio. Our commitment is backed by over 30 years of experience and expertise in satisfying our community’s roofing needs. Between residential and commercial roofing, no repair or remodel is too large or too challenging for our professional team of licensed roofing contractors. We are a top notch roofing company in Lancaster, Ohio. Don’t let the initial panic of discovering roof damage send you scrambling to an inexperienced roofer – trust ABC Improvements Ohio to protect your roof and your home.

When a roof has been compromised due to damage or old age, delaying repairs can cause damage to other parts of your home or building as well. Quality, affordable roof repair is a reality through ABC Improvements’s roofing contractors in Lancaster, Ohio. We understand how integral your roof is to your home or building and our commitment to high quality roofing extends to roofing projects of any standard or budget. Achieve your home improvement goals by constructing a roofing plan with one of our licensed professional roofers. We specialize in storm damage repair and roofing insurance claims and are able to assist with roofing projects of any size or caliber. Our quality is ensured by our ties with the community through our local operation, licensing, insurance, and bonding. Between our unbeatable craftsmanship and our 25 point roofing inspection, you may rest assured knowing your roof and home are secure with ABC Improvements Ohio’s quality roofing systems.


Residential Roofing

Residential roofing in Central Ohio is a unique setting with area-specific challenges. It is imperative that a roofing contractor is well versed in facing challenges specific to our area. Over 30 years of experience equips ABC Improvements Ohio with the ideal set of skills and industry knowledge to expertly repair and restore your roof. Your roof is your home’s first line of defense and is central in the visual appearance of your home. Investing in the proper roof for your home and your budget is achievable through ABC Roofing. Not only does remodeling your roof upgrade the visual appeal of your roof, but it increases your property value and often allows insurance advantages.

Our team of roofing professionals is skilled in working with many types of roofing systems and many types of repairs. We specialize in roofing insurance claims and storm damage repair. Roofing shingles are a classic roofing system that allow huge flexibility in color, pattern, and budget. Shingles allow for a highly customizable roof design. Roofing tiles are an additional classic that furnish durability and beauty. Tile roofing is one of the most fire safe roofing systems available, and is exceptionally resistant against weather of all extremes. ABC Improvements’s team of premier roofers are trained in shingle and tile roofing installation, along with many other residential roofing systems!

We are experienced in a variety of residential roofing services. From roof replacement and roof repair to storm damage repair and insurance claims, our professional roofing contractors in Lancaster, Ohio provide a wide range of practical roofing solutions. We have worked with many insurance agencies to ensure our community receives quality roofing repair at a fair price they deserve. Contact us today for a free estimate on your roofing project!


Commercial Roofing

Commercial buildings are often equipped with low sloping or flat roofs and carry particular requirements to ensure a secure roof for your building. Fortunately our team of roofing contractors in Lancaster, Ohio is trained in industry specific techniques to stay current in leading roofing technology. Our commercial roofing experience is unrivaled and allows us to provide you the best roofing system available.

Membrane roofing is a typical solution to flat and low sloping roofs as they are durable, flexible, and resistant to leaking. TPO is a single-ply membrane roofing system often praised for its energy efficiency and durability, and is an eco-friendly roofing solution. TPO curbs solar heat build up inside buildings to maintain a comfortable indoor climate while keeping exterior weather conditions out. EPDM is an additional single-ply membrane that furnishes durability at a budget friendly price. Flexible in low temperatures and highly resistant to weather damage, EPDM is praised for its utility in commercial roofing and ideal for roofs in our locale.

ABC Improvements Ohio is committed to equipping your commercial property with the ideal roofing solution for your budget and stylistic preferences. Repairing pooling, leaks, and other common commercial roofing issues is as easy as giving us a call! From preventative maintenance to complete roof remodeling, our licensed professional roofing contractors in Lancaster, Ohio craft the best roofs in the area.

Locations We Serve

Our Service Area

ABC Improvements services all of the Central Ohio area. Our roofing contractors in Lancaster, Ohio are experienced in residential and commercial roofing repairs in Reynoldsburg, Pickerington, Groveport, and other surrounding cities. With 30 years of experience on our side, we are knowledgable in the roofing systems that best suit the homes and businesses in our area. We are locally operated, licensed, insured, and bonded to maintain our ties with the community and ensure the quality roofing you deserve.

Our roofers extend our top tier roofing services to the Central Ohio area to allow you peace of mind when your roof is in disrepair. Our trusted 25 point roof inspection evaluates the integrity of your roof to keep your property protected. When your roof has sustained damage, it is important to correct it as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. We are well versed in the insurance claim process to assist you in receiving the proper repairs for your property. In the wake of a storm or other necessary repairs, reach out to our storm damage repair specialists to stabilize your roof and begin rebuilding your home’s first line of defense.

No matter how big or small your next roofing project may be, ABC Improvements is here to help you achieve the best results possible. Through collaborating on a design plan and customizing the look of your roof, we can furnish excellent roofing on any budget in Lancaster, Groveport, Pickerington, Reynoldsburg, and all of Central Ohio. Call ABC Improvements Ohio today for your free estimate on your next residential or commercial roofing project!