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Emergency Services

Board Up
Fire damage can not only destroy part of your home or business — it can leave it open to the elements, as well as intruders. Our 24 Emergency Service crews are experienced at securing your property to keep the weather — and curious neighbors out.

Complete Pack Out
Our ‘Clean Team’ is ready to move your contents and personal belongings from your home or business both to protect them from further damage, and professionally clean, dry and store them while reconstruction takes place.

Water Extraction
Following a water loss in your home or business, it is important to remove as much water as possible, as quickly as possible. Our 24 Emergency Service crews use water extraction techniques that exceed industry standards. In most cases, we can extract water from carpet and pad to facilitate the most efficient structural drying and dehumidification possible.

Proper, timely structural drying is the key to getting your home or business back the way you want it after a flood and avoiding more problems! From structural framing to specialty flooring and everything in between — our 24 Emergency Service crews know how to dry it! And they monitor drying equipment and progress daily to keep you up-to-date.

Temporary Services
Temporary fencing is often used to assist in keeping “unwanted visitors” away from your fire damaged property. Utility services are also often disconnected as the result of major fire or water damage and temporary services like electric, plumbing and healing not only make it easier for you to assess the extent of the damage, but protect the property from further damage and make it easier for our crews to begin the restoration process and return your property to pre-loss condition

  • Board Up
  • Complete pack out
  • Water Extraction
  • Dehumidification
  • Document Drying
  • Temporary Services
  • Tarping
  • Leak Damage Repair
  • Ice Damming


transparent_logoWater damage mitigation refers to the efforts that experts take to contain the damage dealt by disasters like a flooded basement or a spraying water main.Typically from arrival time to complete mitigation, it will take between 3 – 5 days depending on the size of the structure and how long the water has been standing.

When you first hear that you have a water catastrophe, call our disaster cleanup team immediately. The faster they get started, the more they can recover